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If you are looking for professional, efficient Miami pool service, look no further than BLUE CLAIR.



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Every week we perform the following task:

  • Pool Cleaning Services
  • Brush Pool & Spa Tiles
  • Skim waters surface (removing visible debris) from the top of the water
  • Brush pool/spa walls & pool floor
  • Vacuum entire pool & spa as needed,
  • Empty and clean pool side skimmers
  • Filter cleanings as needed based on pressure and water flow.
  • Empty & clean the pump motor baskets.
  • Weekly equipment checks and visual valve inspections

All non-specialty pool chemicals needed to maintain pool water at safe and recommended levels.

At the end of their service they will leave you a card with your chemical readings, advice as to whether it is safe to swim and details of action that they wish you to take or concerns that they have about your pool equipment.

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