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If you are looking for professional, efficient Miami pool service, look no further than BLUE CLAIR.




Why Should I Hire a Pool Service Company?

Peace of mind and saving money are two very good reasons.

Don’t waste your time searching for chemicals and educating yourself in order to properly maintain your pool.

Sooner or later most homeowners run into trouble and they end up calling a pool service company anyway. Unfortunately, the problem has become severe enough that it often takes a moderate amount of attention to remedy. Unexpected costs like this could be avoided by having a professional pool service company like Blueclair maintain your pool.

Why Bluclair?

As BLUECLAIR we are dedicated to providing each and every one of our customers with first-rate pool maintenance and repair services. We are experts in our field and enjoy bringing our professionalism, skill and unparalleled service to our clients. We offer professional service that you can depend on for all your pool needs.

Blue Clair has been a family run business for almost 10 years. We pride ourselves on delivering top quality pools and service by a top notch team. We hope to make your pool experience a fun one.

You will come to realize that Blue Clair is not your average seasonal business. We’re in the business of pools full-time. No Christmas trees and ornaments during our winters—no seasonal employees! And for those of you with indoor pools, spas, saunas or just general questions, we’re here for you year-round.

We spend much of our time ordering, organizing, researching new technology, training new employees and further educating the current ones. We strive to find employees looking to make a career in the pool business and we’ve been extremely successful in doing so. Our talented group are more than employees, they really are our extended Family.

Beyond the business of pools lies the heart of who we are…a family.


Our Promise To You

If you are looking for professional, efficient Miami pool service, look no further than BLUE CLAIR. We are your pool repair experts who will get the job done right. If for any reason you are unhappy with the job we’ve done, simply contact us and we’ll come back and fix whatever went wrong. We want you to be happy with every job we do, and we work hard to prove it. Just call us anytime with any questions and we’ll be glad to help.

Why a Weekly Service?

Helps keep down bacteria and harmful germs in the pool

Maintains a clean, sparkling pool all of the time

Keeps repairs in order on a regular basis

Keeps filters and other equipment running smoothly

Saves time and money in the long run

Saves energy (eco-friendly) by keeping filters and other equipment running smoothly

Keep your pool pump running smoothly with our pump repair service